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Smoker Door size

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Is there any formula for calculating the actual cook door  size on a smoker build..

I was given a old fuel tank thats been sitting for 35 yrs. and just now got it into my garage to start on it..

Ive never built a smoker so pretty much new to it all.. the dimensions on the tank are 59.75 in. long x 48 in. diameter.

  Also not sure yet if I want to do a reverse flow or just a offset smoker..

 I went to Feldons and put in all the specs to get everything I need just not sure about the door..

 thanks for any help..

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never mind just went ahead and made the doors, all hinges welded on plus metal strap around door edges to seal.

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Did you decide to do a reverse type or offset smoker yet
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Waiting on all my steel I ordered to finish it, either going to do reverse flow or tuning plates, still haven't decided on that, at a stand still till get rest of steel.

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How did u figure on what size to cut the doors? And info on that
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Originally Posted by rudy View Post

How did u figure on what size to cut the doors? And info on that

Tell us what tank or cylinder you have with dimenionsand we will give you our advice where to cut it.

You will end up with different answers from everyone, but generally they should have a more or less consensus.


The more info and pics the better folk here can help.

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My tank is 65" long and 20"diameter I was thinking cutting it from 12:30 , 1 o'clock and 3 o clock
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ok Here's what I would do.


Rotate the  tank so you hide the weld and fittings on the bottom and using a cutoff disc on a grinder carefully remove the compressor bracket without marking the tank.

Take your time and when done use a flap disc to sand it smooth.


Run a tape measure around the tank so you can divide the measurements to find the 12 and 3 oclock.


I would cut a 20" tank  3" past 12 o'clock  for the top cut and 2 1/2" past 3 o clock for the bottom cut.


On the sides stay 2" away from the weld so you do not hit the flange inside.


This will give you enough room for 2 grates.    If using only 1 grate cut the bottom at the 3 o'clock.


My 2 cents

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Yea I cut off the bracket and the fittings I was going to patch them up with 7018 or probably hiliar, and so the bottom cut at around 5:30? Yea I'm going to rotate it where there is no weld and fitting and I have the tool where it gets u the center as in 12:00 and go from there , and thanks man everyone's input is useful right now since this is my first build
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