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Dang it man!!!!:drool:


A full smoker is a happy smoker  :points:



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Looks like it came out awesome!
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I was disappointed for awhile because beef has gotten so expensive and I haven't been able to make jerky without spending a ton of money. I think I only have $20 bucks in this and pork is always on sale so I will be doing this a lot more!
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I hadn't thought of pork jerky and this looks great. You have inspired me! Points.



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I bought a pork loin last week. Cut it into thirds and froze. I should get to it next week. I plan on using one third for Canadian bacon, one third for jerky, and another third just smoked for Sandwitches. I'll let you know how it turns out :-)

Points for encouraging me to go ahead with my plans!
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Next time I see some good lookin' pork on sale I need to try to Jerkify it. (is that a word?)


Anyone got a good "from scratch" recipe?



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After reading CB's post on pork jerky, I made some pork jerky style snack sticks--they were great.  From never hearing about it, now I saw pork jerky for sale yesterday at Princess Auto--somebody else thinks its a good idea too.


Your jerky looks VERY edible!!  Nice job.





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Thanks! I haven't made any in awhile just been waiting on a good sale.
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Dave, here is the recipe I started with for my base...
Doug Mays Teriyaki Jerky

1 cup teriyaki
1 tbs worsty (i didnt have this at the gathering)
1TBS of each Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic Powder
1TBS per pound of Morton Tender Quick per pound of meat ...i generally go alittle light on this and do 1/2-3/4tbs per pound
a little bit of water rinsed around the container after its mixed and poured to thin it out and get leftover from inside the container

...this mix is good enough for up to 3lbs...adjust your TQ per weight!

And @thesmokist, why wait for a sale? Poke loin is always cheap! drool.gif
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