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R290 unless your wanting beef jerky there's needs to be humidity in the cooker the whole time.


The auto water fill resolves the problem of forgetting to add water to the water pan in the smoker


I delivered it today to the new owners, but they have no idea how to use it.







Here is the water system minus the lid.



 They busted my balls to get it done by today and the restaurant was not even close to being finished.

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It is a thing of beauty, though. Well engineered. Outstanding job, sir!

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Sure looks good! Thanks for sharing the build with the Forum👍👍👍
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Great finish. Although dissapointing to hear the customer not only pushed you hard but has no idea how to use it lol.
Any reports on how it works yet? Or have you delivered and walked
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The restaurant is not opening now until February. I called him last week to check and told him to coat the interior with cooking oil to stop it from rusting. He wanted me to come show him how to do that.  Not much hope in getting good que out of that place if they can't figure out small things.

I am building a smaller, cheaper version at the moment with 2 doors.  Will post pics when I get a little further along 


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Bummer on the delay. I sprayed my with a large can of cooking oil and the fired it up, which cures the steel. Not sure for how long.
Going to see mine tomorrow, wonder if they figure it out too
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I fired it up the day before it left the shop and didn't bother to oil the inside as I figured they would be using it straight away and if we needed to change anything it is clean.


We were thrashing on it till 5 mins before the flat bed arrived to finish it and now it is sitting for months. 


This last weekend I had another customer that bought a horizontal cooker ask me for cooking advice.

He was complaining that he couldn't get it up to temp and there was a lot of smoke coming out the door. He sent me a photo of a barely smoldering fire. He had the air damper mostly closed and the chimney flap fully shut! :o

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I arrived and they too have not used it a lot. But they forgot to lock the lid down on the charcoal feed and it burned the 2,000 degree gasket. I replaced the gasket and told them they need the bbq guru. Which is a fan to control the temperature.
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