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Got 40lb's of Boneless Chicken Breast and trying my hand at sausage making!

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I was given 40lb's of boneless chicken breast and wanted to make sausage for the first time before I start with pork.  It was given to me and I wanted to experiment before I picked up my pre-ordered pork this winter.   I am new to making sausage and have read through this site that the best cut of chicken is boneless chicken thighs w/ skins.  I however, saw different suggestions using BSCB and the norm is using SPC/DHFM, I have received SPC through SM today and was wondering does anyone have a recipe using both SPC with olive oil and any ratios on how much olive oil per lb of BSCB.  I was going to make 20lb of Italian and 20lb of breakfast sage sausage using Pop's family recipe.

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I'm trying to figure out what your acronyms are.... Unless you use some solid fat, you may be disappointed in the finished product... If you want a "pure" chicken product, purchase some schmaltz from Amazon...
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Dave Omak,

Thanks for replying.  I was thinking of grounding one pound of bacon with 4lb of boneless skinless chicken breast (BSCB) I apologize for the confusions.  I just received Soy Protein Concentrate.  My issue is the with the ratio with using 5 lb of boneless chicken breast and Soy Protein Concentrate, how much olive oil should it take with SPC per ten pounds?  Again thanks for responding, I am new at this and don't want to waste the experience before I start with the more expensive cut of pork..  Any tips/advice is much appreciated by someone just starting out.

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Adding bacon is a good idea.... To save money and get more bacon fat, add bacon ends and pieces... I have done that when using lean cuts for sausage.... pick out the good pieces of bacon for BLT's or something and grind the rest....

As far as olive oil goes... It is always liquid at room temp... My way of thinking, lard would be a better choice... or pork fat... or schmaltz for chicken flavor...

I have used SPC and I usually add 1/2 the maximum....

Below is a link to additives for sausages... Save it, because it will probably be edited..
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Dave Omak,


I really appreciate your feed back and thank you for your responses.  Do you have any recommendations for fat ratio or the lack there of with Boneless skinless chicken breast and bacon with soy protein concentrate.    I have seen recipes of boneless skinless chicken breast, and I know boneless skinless thighs are the way to go...  I bought a #12 LEM and and wanted to practiced before I ordered a head of hog from my neighbor to make pork sausage this winter. 

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Chicken breast has about the least amount of intramuscular fat of any meat I can think of... I'm thinking about 30% fat to make it edible.. and 1.5% SPC or SPI, which ever you are using... one other ingredient I have been using, since nepas brought it up, is Amesphos... it's a tri phosphate meat additive that is an amazing water binder... Keeps my snack sticks moist... (nepas has a chair next to G-d....)

The LEM #12 grinder is one you should like and it will last forever... are you planning on stuffing with it ??? If so, may I suggest you get a vertical 5# stuffer... it will make stuffing sausage so much more enjoyable... I started stuffing using a meat grinder and gave up.. literally... until I joined this forum and found out life can be easy... I bought an Grizzly 5# stuffer and have been using it for about 4+ years now... they run about $89...

If you buy casings, I don't recommend the "Home packs" places sell... they seem to be odds and ends and seem to be of inferior quality.. a PITA to use... get quality casings from sausage house suppliers... Syracuse casing company, Butcher and Packer, etc... Bass Pro, Cabelas, not a good choice in my opinion......

I guess the take away from all this is.... You want to make great sausages... use quality meats.. quality ingredients, casings etc... Good equipment will make life easy and enjoyable... AND the sausage you make will be far superior to store bought....
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Thanks for all the advice!  I did purchase a LEM 5 lb. vertical stuffer.  I am going to be making it tonight after work.  I am going to use one pound bacon per 4lb of chicken and using your suggestion of 1/2 max of the SPC.  I will try the pork fat next time since I already bought the bacon, it was the first time I purchased bacon looking at the back of the package for more fat versus meat.  Still working on the recipes I wanted to do 1/2 Italian the other 1/2 sage breakfast.  Again thank you for your insightful suggestions/advice the are most helpful.  I let you know how it turn out! 

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I'm assuming this is going to be fresh sausage ?? If not.. I suggest curing the chicken separately before mixing in the bacon... bacon is already cured... good luck with your venture...
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