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Greetings from east coast of central FL

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Hello all,

I'm Reed and I live in Melbourne FL.  My favorite weekend activity is waking up Saturday morning and cranking up my Myron Mixon stick burning water smoker to cook whatever meat I prepped the night before (or earlier that morning) and fill my yard up with delicious smells and anticipation of the fruits of a good cook.  I've been checking this site often after I discovered it a few months ago and am impressed with the willingness to share the good knowledge and experience with those wanting to learn more. 


I really enjoy smoking larger amounts for group get-togethers and am still learning how to be more efficient in doing the little details involved in smoking to reduce the amount of time smoker is opened.


I look forward to getting to know you all and your smoking experiences!


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Welcome aboard Reed.  Sounds like your neighborhood is a good place to be.


We all like pictures around here.  Please post some of yours.

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Hi One-eye-Jack...I'll give it a go on posting a some pictures.  I think I read there is a limit so I'll slow roll posting shots.



First up...some brisket burnt ends...a family favorite!

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That's a great start Reed.  Thumbs Up  Burnt ends are always a hit.


Here is some info on picture posting.  (Although you seem to have it pretty well figured out).

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