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Curing Proscuitto

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Right, first of all, an apology to all of you. Ive not been on here in a while because ive been covereing duties for my vicar as well as my work duties and family life, so not had any time to get on here really, or on Rustys Rustic Pantry.

But the time of procrastination is over.

On the back of the success of the Lamb Proscuitto, I am ploughing ahead with my full blown pork leg Proscuitto project.

I am going to my supplyer to purchase a 24hr old pork leg to trim and cure.

Now, as dry curing condotions are not 100% perfect here, because this is a much larger cut of meat, I was toying with the idea of using a dry cure with Prague Powder #2 to minimise chance of spoilage.

Now im going to trim this as a classic palma ham style, sort of tear shapped, and its going to be skin on and bone in.

Do any of you have any advice regarding a dry cure recipie, including Prague #2? What % of Prague #" would you add to a skin on, bone in leg of pork?

In advance,



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I see you edited your post...I had to edit mine too.
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what post lol

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I had to edit mine....
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