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My Electric Smoker Review Today

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Hi everyone


So I have narrowed down my search for an electric smoker to three; Cookshack SM045, Smokin-It #3, Smokin Tex 1400. I than broke each unit down to controller, heating element, temp range, rack size, number of racks, smoker cost, cart cost cover cost etc. and highlighted the areas that were important to me or better between the three. I did not apply any appearance factor to any of the three. Prices reflect the smoker, cart and cover.


The only positive feature of the cookshack Sm045 was the digital controller and the final price was $1,909.75


The Smokin Tex 1400 didn't get any positive features or highlights and the final price $854.90


The Smokin-It Model 3 positive features were 1200W heating element, 5 racks, 14.5"W X 21.5" deep racks and final cost was $784.97



Looks like I'm going with the Smokin-It Model 3. If I was to give each smoker an appearance factor I would place the Cookshack at the head of the line but not for the $1,124.78 upcharge. It's not that good looking.



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I have a Smokin-it #2 and #3. Love them both and have had no issues of any kind. The 2 is 4+ years old and the 3 is 3 years old. They do take a bit of getting used to...add wood, add food, close door, come back later.

Enjoy it!

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SI 3 is a great choice.
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