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I have started to build a Smoker out of an old electric hot water heater that I had laying around, but I’m now seeing some talk about the lining that’s in it. I have had some say it’s an epoxy with glass in it. My questions are; 1. Is this safe to use with the epoxy/glass lining in them? 2. If not, what’s the best way to get the epoxy/glass lining out of the tank? Thanks in advance for and advice, Mike

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Ok, well I guess this forum is not for me....thanks......
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Sometimes it takes a day or two for people to answer questions around here. Especially when all the title says is "Question". If the title had said "Building smoker out of hot water heater is the lining safe". More may have stopped in and looked.


Typically it is advised that epoxy linings be removed. Many face this issue when building the UDS smoker. The easiest way to remove it is to have it sand blasted out. The next easiest is to burn it out. The third easiest way is to don a respirator and grind and wire wheel it out.


This is a great forum and there is a wealth of knowledge here, just need to to have a bit of patience.

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Welcome from SC. This is a great site with lots of folks that are always ready to share their ideas and tips. All you have to do is ask and keep on reading. To give you the beast answer that I possibly can about your epoxy lining...I don't know. There are others that will come to your assistance. I never offer an opinion on anything that I'm not familiar with.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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Another question, is the tank UNDER the coating galvanized?

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Not sure really what hot water heaters are made out of, I figured that some here in the fourms have done these types of builds before. I was hopeing I could just use some Grill paint that would withstand high temps, since my fire box will be separate from the smoker. 

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I'm thinking the water heater is not a good vessel to build a smoker out of.... I've not seen any builds using one....
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I have seen several on the web but none answer the questions i have.

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as mentioned above.... edit your thread's title to include what your looking for ... instead of just "Question" ... a lot of people won't bother to look at the thread without knowing what the question is about...
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Start here

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Originally Posted by mikestoke View Post

I have seen several on the web but none answer the questions i have.

If it's a modern day hot water heater, 1980+ the metal is going to be fine. The only other issue you may have is the insulation between the inner layer and the outer. If you plan on stripping it all out then it's not a problem.
If you're planning on a cold smoker it's not a problem.

Post some pictures so we can see what you are working with.
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ok, thanks for the tip, I am a bit confused....I thought the topic here was "smoker builds" thats my topic, and i do have a question on building a if I write my question in my fourm topic, isn't that defeating the purpous of the "smoker builds" topic? I guess Im just trying to figure out where im supposed to ask my qusetion, in the topic headline, or in the actual post....

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This is a 50 gal HW heater, and the 3rd picture is of the inside liner. I have a old gas grill propane tank that I am going to use as the firebox.

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