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First post and an embarrasing question

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Greetings everyone and real happy to be a new member. I live near a small town in southwestern Ontario and switched from gas to a Weber Smokey Mountain a couple of years ago and am loving it and also looking forward to learning more from more experienced folks on this forum.
Yesterday I did 8 racks of side ribs with lump charcoal and hickory chips for about five and a half hours then foiled them in packs of 2 to spend an hour or two resting in the cooler.
We settled in out in the workshop to watch hockey, drink beer and eat ribs, which were fantastic (I occasionally get lucky). This morning upon returning to the scene of the crime I was horrified to discover two of the foil packs containing 4 beautiful racks of ribs sitting on a table next to the fridge. Did I mention that there was beer involved? They had been there about 12 hours, temp in the shop was about 60 F. All this leads me to the obvious and important question: can I still eat them? Would they kill me, make me sick or possibly just make me dumber than I already am. Thanks in advance for your advice and please don't kick me out of the forum.
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I wouldn't eat them.
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Confused here. The racks that were sitting out of the fridge, were they cooked or uncooked?


Cooked I'd put em in the fridge and eat later. They are ribs and fully cooked, not like leaving out a rare steak.


Uncooked, yeah don't even try to cook and eat them, bacteria farm for sure!!!


your decision.......

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Yes, they were fully cooked and wrapped in foil. Generally not too cautious about stuff like this but welcome any advice in this case.
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I wouldn't eat them either.  I've forgotten lots of food that I stored in the oven to let cool enough to refrigerate.  It kills me but I throw it away.  Just my 2 cents.


Oh yeah!  Welcome to SMF!  :welcome1:



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Cooked or uncooked I'd toss em after 12 hrs. Not worth the risk ! Dunno if you've ever experienced food poisoning ? Not pretty ! Just my opinion !
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Thanks to all for the advice. With a tear in my eye I decided to give the ribs a proper burial.
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:icon_cry:  But on the bright side, you need to smoke some more stuff!



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Originally Posted by mike5051 View Post

icon_cry.gif   But on the bright side, you need to smoke some more stuff!


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Yep, like any tragedy in life you've got to try to move on. Maybe a clod this weekend, mmmmmm.

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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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