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Advice on smoking ducks?

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My sons just texted me a picture of the two of them with a couple ducks they just shot this morning.  Pretty sure they'll have them in my fridge by tonight and be wanting me to smoke them up for dinner tomorrow or Tuesday.  Any advice on smoking a duck or two would be greatly appreciated.  I've done plenty of pheasants and grouse and chicken, but this is their first successful duck hunt, so it's a new one for me.


On a side note......I love this time of year.  Never know what they're going to come home with after a day in the woods.  Rabbits, grouse, now ducks, the occassional squirrel.  Maybe this fall they'll finally get the elusive turkeys they've been trying for for the past couple years.  At ages 12 and 14,  these two love nothing more than spending time in the woods.  *sigh of relief from mom.....

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I'm sorry I'm so late with this.  I'm sure it is to late for the birds that your boys brought home a week ago, but I'm sure you'll have more.  Here is a link to the best advice one can get.


I have only done one so far.  I will do many more this year, however.  The one I did I glazed with honey with orange zest in it.  It was AWESOME.  

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