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Rivergrille smokers

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Been spending way too much time lately looking at offsets. Looking to graduate from my Weber bullet. Found a Rivergrille at Home Depot. But am finding fairly limited reviews and also cannot determine who makes them. Does anyone have any background information please? Great site and thanks!
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i bought the cheap one from homedepot the other day. i think i paid $130. its cheap... i think with some mods like gaskets it would work better. i feel like it lost a lot of heat. it was hard to keep the very cheep thermometer to read above 200. it was easy to put together. i think with some mods and a little more practice i will be happier with it. not bad buy for a poor first timer. 

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I've not read anything about the Rivergrille, but they look a little flimsy. Might be a good starter, though, to see if you're into it. HD also has CharGriller "Smokin Pro" for $199. A lot of folks here have them and share a lot of mods. I saved my nickels over the winter and went with the CharGriller "Competition Pro" for $299 and am very impressed. Other than using Permatex Red while assembling and adding a baffle at the fire end, no mods. I compared to the OK Joe Longhorn at Lowes for $429 and the quality looks the same, not worth the extra $130.
I haven't seen a factory door therm yet that was accurate. Maybe on the high end brands..

You'll have fun with whatever you get!

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saw one @ Home Depot the "farmer" built much like the other tin can off sets. Your right at the price range of the Old Country Pits Pecos, drop a few more bucks and you will have the Wrangler.

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Thanks for your responses guys, still saving my pennies and watching craigslist for better stickburner.

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