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6 pound chuckie

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Smoked a chuck roast today on my WSM. Rubbed with SPOG, used hickory and cherry. Smoked until 165 then wrapped with worcestershire and cooked until probe tender, which was 208.

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Oh wow, that looks freakin awesome... Nice smoke ! Gotta have a good ol chucky now & then !
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Man that looks great!
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Thanks!! It was very good. Love how versatile they are. Can do beef and pepper/cheese sandwiches or go with a beef/bbq sauce sandwich.
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Nice.  That pulled chuckie looks great.



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Thinking of doing one of these on my weber. Never done one before and I like the pulled aspect of it. How long did she take to get to the foil and how long in the foil until 208? Cheers.
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I hit a stall when the IT was about 158 so I think I wrapped after 4 or 5 hours. After that it only took a couple more hours and then I let it rest for a while. I think total cook time was about 8-9 hours as this was a huge chuck roast and hit a pretty long stall. The other times I have done them, they did not take nearly as long. 

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Nice job! I always try to have some pulled pork or pulled beef in the refrigerator all the time for sandwiches and such drool.gif
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