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bought a mes 30 a couple weeks ago. I have been using it every week. I cant seem to get it to make enough smoke for the first couple hrs. I don't soak the chips. I load the meat then start the smoker. set it to 225 and it smokes for about 1/2 hr then dies down. I have noticed that if I open the door take out the chips and dump them in a metal pan they start smoking and stay smoking. it seems like it an oxygen problem. I even pull out the loader tube to try to help.


what is the mod people talk about for this unit. I have also thought about the a max n smoke thing. or sending it back and getting a charcoal one.



thank for the input.

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I vote for ditching the chips and going with the Amazen pellet smoke generator (AMNPS). Once you get the hang of it you will get consistent thin blue smoke for hours and hours. It will also let you use your smoker for cold smoking things like cheese and such as well as smoking things like jerkey and fish at low temps. JMHO but I'm sure many here will agree.
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when you say Amazen pellet smoke generator, is it an add on or one of the trays. thanks for the idea.

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It is an add on.  You need to keep feeding chips every 30 minutes or so, or when they are consumed. Here is a link that should explain everything.

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when web site and type that in nothing up. the only thing I see is a tube and box type that you would have to put inside?

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If you clicked on the link, it took you to the site. Then just prowl around.  Yes, the tray uses pellets and the tube uses sawdust.  From what I have read here, you use a torch to get the pellets or sawdust glowing and producing smoke and then close the door to the smoker and just walk away.  I own a Cookshack and my brother uses a Smokin-it #3  and we use wood chunks so neither of use use the Amazen products. But many owners of the MES do. If you use the search bar at the top of this page and type in AMNPS I  am sure you will get lots to read as to which one will suit your needs. Or just re-load chips when you notice the smoke has ceased.  Good luck.

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Masterbuilt make a cold smoking kit for the MES that works good to. I use it for cold and hot smoking. It just goes in to the hole on the side where the chip loader goes. Plug it up turn it on and it smokes for up to 6 hours on one fill up. I like it a lot
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just bought an 12'' amps tube today for my 30'' gen 3 mes . it woks great. put it on the left side under the drip pan. lit it for about 10 mim blew it out and set it to 225 never a problem. smoked the hole time. wont be using the stock chip pan any more. :)

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Happy smoking!

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