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Meat temp safety

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Read a few other threads on this before, but I just want to confirm.

Put a bunch of pork butts on before bed, guessing with all the meat and dip pan the heat was blocked and the MES was running low. So after about 6 and half hours the IT of the meat is only at like 120.

I didn't put any probes or inject or anything. Should this still be ok? Thought I'd read as long as you don't puncture the meat there's more play in the 4 hour rule. I'm cooking for a bunch of friends of my dad, so a little more apprehensive than if it was just for me alone.
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I think as long as your smoker temp is above 225 during the climb, you're probably ok.  At least that's what the USDA says in this thread on another site.

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The 4 Hour Rule ONLY applies to Ground and meat that has been Injected, Boned and Tied or had the surface broken...JJ

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