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Best Steaks Ever!

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When I’ve made my mind up to grill or smoke weather doesn’t get in my way as you can see. A friend suggested I try throwing a hickory log on the charcoal to improve the already great taste of my steaks. I did it here as you can see and these rib eyes


turned out terrific. Honestly, they are the best steaks I have ever eaten. My prep includes getting the coals perfect then getting the hickory log up to a slow flame before throwing on the meat. I use Lea & Perrins Worcestershire, Monteal steak seasoning and butter. They’re ready to turn when they no longer stick to the grill. Same seasoning on second side.After the second side is done I drop the charcoal bed down and close the lid and let the smoke sink in. My wife likes meat well done, which in my opinion usually ruins it. However, I have learned to make a well done steak tender and juicy using the slow heat once the charcoal is moved lower. I couldn’t believe how much better they were with the hickory smoke. Hope this helps a little.

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Glad you liked them! They look tasty!
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Thanks. I was finally glad to serve up a steak my wife likes too.

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Great Looking Steaks, Joe!! :drool


Looks Mighty Tasty!!:drool--------------------------:points:


When Wife's Happy---Joe's Happy!!Thumbs Up




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Thanks Bear, you got that right. If mama aint happy nobody's happy.

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Lookin good Slow Smoker!  While I prefer steaks no more than medium, your's look mighty tasty...and you're right about keeping mama happy!


Nicely done!  Thumbs Up


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