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Prime Brisket on the Smokin-It #3

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Picked this giant prime brisket up from Costco today it was 18 3/4 pounds, not a bad price compared to choice at $5.49 for flats only:


Trimmed about 4 pounds of excess fat off:


Rub it down with this:


When into the smoker today (9/25/2015) at 1:30 in the afternoon with a full load of hickory chips:


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110.gif can't wait:drool
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Can't wait to see the final product. My butcher shop flat was $77 for 9.23 lbs but I didn't have to remove any fat. What kind of wood are you using?

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At about 1:20 AM today:

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Looking good.   If this is your first Prime, be warned that they often cook faster, and are done at a lower IT than choice/select briskets.   I'd start probe testing for tenderness around 180 degrees.

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I see that, I checked at 2:30 AM and it's almost ready to get separated for burnt ends.

My probe was going in pretty easy, with lots of rendered fat coming out....I think I'll pull her out in an hour or so. It's at 185*F now.
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Out at 4:00 AM, 188*F:




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Split the point off:


Here's the flat:


Some point sliced up:


And some chunked up for burnt ends with some rub (+ brown sugar):


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The point slices and whole flat into the cooler:

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Burnt end chunks back into the smoker...
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The whole brisket cut like butter!
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Ends out at 7:00 AM:

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I'll be right over! Looks delish as Rachael would say. Those are some mighty fine burnt ends too.:drool:

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Had to hit hold from 4:00 am till dinner at 8:00 pm:


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I'll take a burnt ends sammie, please! It all looks tasty!
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Lots of labor earning the reward! Good Job.

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