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Beef Short Ribs w/ QView

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Man these were a pain in my butt. They kept looking done, and feeling done. But when I would go to eat them they still felt too chewy. After about 8 hours (after being finished off in the oven because my Coals burned out), they were finally perfect.

They tasted great at the end, but like I said, they're kind of a pain in the butt.

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 Looks fine to me. Good work.



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I'd eat them!  Looks good.  Nice smoke ring too.


I've noticed that most of my 4 or 5 hour smokes always turn into 6 - 11 hour smokes.  Time to heat smoker, settle it down, wind, humidity and etc. all play against you usually.  My moto is never smoke meat for tonight's dinner, and never cook beans for tonight's dinner.

Beans, and most meat smoking, are very similar in how long to cook.  You just never know for sure how long it will take.

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Looks good to me nice smoke ring,they look real meaty.


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May have been a pain but looks like it was well worth it. Nice ribs!
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