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I finally did it! Mock Haggis Bratwurst

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I've been thinking about this for over a year and have tried to research it without much success so I finally just dove in and did it.
I made up a mock Haggis with barley, steel cut oats, ground beef and pork, liver, onion, and spices and stuffed it into hog cases. I put one of the links on the Daniel Boone pellet grill at 250° until done and it was okay. Too much pepper in the first batch so I reduced that and the Allspice but added more garlic salt and made more. I think the second batch came out pretty good.
We'll be serving some to a true Scotsman this weekend and hopefully he can tell me what needs adjusted before I publish the recipe, which may be several days as we'll be getting ready to head to the American Royal BBQ as soon as we get home from the catering job this weekend.
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That sounds like it'll be really good!  If it passes the Scotsman test, you're golden!


Looking forward to pics and the recipe!

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Sounds very interesting, I'll be looking forward to the recipe.
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Sounds good but you know what they say. 






Hope it passes the test.



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Updates?  I'm curious about this one!

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Yeah, I'm in on this one. 👀
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The Scot said it was good and wouldn't recommend any changes. He did go through a list of ingredients and I passed that test as well.
There was another guy there who has been to Scotland several times and eaten lots of Haggis, he actually preferred the more peppery one, but did say that both had a "true Haggis flavor".
They were a little dry so I think I'll go with a little higher fat ratio next time. I think this is one of those recipes that someone can change to meet their taste pretty easily.
I do have pictures, it just may be a few days before I can get time to get them up.
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