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I've packed my smoker away for the winter. I'm worried about the LCD in brutal New England winters. I really miss it. Can't wait for spring. I've been making up for it by making biltong every weekend. Great stuff.
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Take a break but don't go selling your goods just yet! Learn a new style of cooking, try a different hobby, but keep that smoker. You'll miss it when you don't have it.
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I only get to smoke about once a month because of my schedule.  It's a nice balance for me.

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Originally Posted by Chef K-Dude View Post

Man, y'all made me go look up fatties. Being and old partier a42.gif  I was very curious! Alas, it is a wonderful name for a roulade! I just did a deer tenderloin roulade a few weeks ago. I guess I should have shared it here!

I love the menu Cranky, and like you, DW and I have the same arrangement.

OK, K-dude, now you've made me look up roulade! LOL
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