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Graduation Spare Ribs (With Q-View)

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Finally, after 10 months, the girlfriend graduated Saturday as a Certified Medical Assistant.  That day was really busy with the graduation ceremony in San Antonio and then a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for a dear friend of mine, so no cooking took place.  Sunday, however was a different story.  I went to the chest freezer to look for an old full rack of spare ribs I had vacuum sealed almost a year ago.  I just about emptied the freezer looking for them, and located the package at the bottom.  As I carried them to the sink, the first thing that caught my eye was that it was not sealed anymore due to a tear in the vacuum seal bag. And sure enough, it was freezer burned. No worries, though. I had already planned a trip to HEB that morning.  In addition, I made up a simple brine with kosher salt and water for a few chicken thighs.  They sat in the brine till about three o'clock.


At 1:00, I started two chimneys of charcoal for the Old Country Wrangler. In the meantime I prepped the ribs...


Trimmed some fat, pulled the membrane off of the back, squared off the ends, and applied a homemade rub......




At 2:00 the pit was idling along at 250 degrees with charcoal and a few pieces of split pecan.


Here we are about 2 hours in....with the chicken seasoned with seasoned salt....



Fresh off the pit at 4.5 hours. I started NOT using foil a while back and I don't think I ever will again. .



And ready for the plate...



This was one of the better racks of ribs I've made.  The girls agreed.

The chicken was delicious as well.  I haven't used a brine in a good while. I'll be utilizing that in the future for sure.


Thanks for looking and BTHO Arkansas!!!!!!!!

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looks great, you trimmed it well. I finally have it figured out after a few that came out too fatty how much to trim off and where.

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Couldn't see the chicken very well, but the ribs looked great.

Keep on smokin', Joe
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