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Noob near the end of 1st smoke!

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Hi all-
I am in the midst of my 1st pork shoulder smoke. I received my MES 20070411 smoker on Friday. I smoked some ribs Friday night, they were a little tough I think I rushed it so I tried again yesterday doing 3-2-1 and thought they came out good.
I put 7 lb shoulder on last night at 10 and went to bed woke this morning at 630 and the temp was 161. Smoker was running low at 210 so I up it back to 220. Right now it at 183. Hopefully will be ready by halftime today. I am going to post a pic.
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Nice! That will be amazing! I'm also new and actively smoking a brisket. When I've done ribs I put them in foil at the end of my smoke for the last 2 hours absolutely drenched in BBQ sause. After that I unwrapped them and put em on the grill for roughly 20 minutes at 550F to sear 10 minutes each side.
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Thanks Yuri! Yeah the ribs last night I wrspped them and they were nice and tender.
Here is a pic of the shoulder. I'm at about 190 and 10 hours in. I made Chef JJ sauce to slather on later. Can't wait !
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That butt is looking mighty tasty!  What IT are you going for?



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Hi Mike- I'm going to pull it off at 200 and let it rest a couple hours. What IT do you shoot for?
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I try to get to 205 if I have the time. Anywhere between 200 and 210 should be fine for pulled pork.  Some folks shoot for a lower IT for slicing, but I've never tried slicing a butt.



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Lol, doing the same thing here at 205 for pulled.
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Thanks Mike!
Looks good Yuri!
I'm gonna keep it in until 205. I'm at 200 now. 3 hours for that last 10 degrees.
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How's it going now BBQ for fun? After further reading in these forums I went and grabbed some corn non husker and am going to throw them in there for an hour and a half, 16 ears of corn smoked should be a great add on.
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Funny I have some corn too but I didn't think to smoke, I'll just steam it. Have some coleslaw to add to the sandwiches. Just took it off and will let it rest for a bit. Took a few pieces and it tastes good!

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Tastes awesome. Tangy sauce from @cheffJJ is key. Should gain at least 5 lbs today.
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Nice job, nice pics!  Thanks for posting with us.



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Looks great only gaining 5# means you need more beverages!cheers.gif
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