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New MES30 on QVC Todays Special Value 9/20/15

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Looks really good; some actual colors even. They put the vent back on top, and made some other "improvements". 

For $250 + $35 shipping you get the new smoker, legs, cover, remote, temp probe, recipe book, and gloves for handling hot food. I'd buy one, but can't really justify getting another smoker right now.,-Cover-&-Gloves.product.K42802.html?sc=K42802-SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-1-_-K42802&catentryImage=$uslarge$

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Looks like a good price. But the Video is hilarious! The Butt and Brisket looks Steamed before they put it in the smoker. No Bark, No Color and the Brisket is falling apart. Had to stop watching...JJ :rotflmao:

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I need a new smoker my old MES 30 has been around for many years. But that looks like a gen 2 with the vent moved to the top. Not to sure about that with all the bad reviews the gen 2 has
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Ok went to qvc and looked at it again not a bad price I may get one i do wish it was a 40 inch. If I do I will post a new tread on how it does
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Okay, I need some help, please!   I'd like to move to an electric smoker for ease of use.  I am about to order the

Masterbuilt 30" 4-Rack Digital Electric Smoker from QVC. 

  • It is on legs...can I put it on my back wood deck that open to the air and all?  It seems to me that if it is on legs I could safely use the smoker on the back deck.

  • I don't really understand about the wood chip holder, hopefully you guys out there can help me.  Does it automatically dispense wood chips every so often or am i having to go out and dispense some every hour or so?

Thanks, Anna

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You have to do it about ever 30 min or so. Will not do it for you. And it would be safe with or with out the legs. I use mine on my wood deck all the time no legs. I have had it for years. But the legs are a plus for sure
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I've had mine for a few weeks now and it's really convenient for me. I can come home from work and use it for a weeknight meal.

It came with the wheel kit, a cover, the recipe book and the gloves.  I keep it out on the back deck through the summer and will clean it good and bring it in for the winter.  


It holds temperature great and doesnt leak smoke.  This is a very sturdy and well built unit.


I have a couple issues that are minor in nature and hopefully someone can help with them.  First, I've read on some previous forums here about the vent position.  I usually keep it closed to half open but i'm gathering that this may be the wrong thing to do.  People here say to keep it full open.  I'm gonna do that from now on but hopefully a more experienced individual can give me some tips and maybe some reasoning behind this.


Second, The smoker has an 800 watt element in it. I dont seem to be able to get my wood chips to burn down to ash in the tray.  I think I am wasting wood chips because they are staying black with only a little ash on them by the time I'm done.  I could use some help with this or is this the way it is designed to work.  I only fill the tube half way and dump them in, so i dont think I am using too much.  I also use dry chips straight from the bag.  I tried soaking them one time and was not pleased with the results.


I've done burgers, wings, a meatloaf  and the results were excellent.  It was definitely worth the price and cleanup is fairly easy.  Masterbuilt recommends wrapping the metal drip tray and the water pan with foil and so do I.  Also, wipe it down with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water at a 50/50 mix.  Masterbuilt also has plenty of how-to videos on their website.


I almost forgot, a good investment would be a Bradley rack. The wires are closer together and keeps food like meatloaves and burgers from sinking down around the wire racks that came with it.  Also used for fish and small vegetables.

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