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Another noob

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Hey yall, Name is Yuri and the SMASH is a softball nickname I've had for awhile. Currently I'm cooking an 18 lb beef brisket and stumbled on this forum while sitting outside here enjoying my aromatherapy via smoking. I have a 30 inch master built electric smoker.

Hope someone experienced looks at this and has some suggestions I'm cooking this beast cut in half because it wouldn't fit in my smoker. So I set the timer for 23 hours and question the length of time I've chosen based off reading in here 1 hour per pound but add a few just incase so 23 hours is my plan... currently 10:20pm and 12hrs 58 minutes remain. Am I over cooking at 220 internal temp is 158F.
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Hi Yuri,


That beast will take some time at 220.  You probably haven't reached the stall yet.  Are you monitoring the temp with an accurate thermometer?  I would bump the temp up to about 250 and you will still have a ways to go.  Good luck and happy smoking!



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Yes sir, I've now bumped the temp upto 250F, and stopped using the digital gauge after the first use lol. Literally just pulled the temp up to 250 and I've never seen this thing smoke so much! Meat probe is now at 176 internal temp. This forum is full of so much information it's amazing how many tips and tricks along with recipes are available wow!
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Welcome from SC, Yuri. Your experience on this site has just begun. There are lots of folks here who are always ready to share their ideas and tips. As you found out, all you have to do is ask and keep reading.

Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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Hey Yuri. How's the smoke going?
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Pulled her out a couple of minutes ago, now wrapped in foil and a towel in the microwave until the party starts. Decided to bounce off you on the slaw for a topper which is now done. Ordered 30lbs of ice n the keg is perfect. Ready for my rivalry game of Dallas vs Philadelphia! The meat split right down the middle when i picked it up so its safe to say its done. Only thing is the edges seem to be tough but no further than an inch from the sides and its juicy. Ill upload a pic when i spread it all out.
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Cool. Who we rooting for?
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Post some finished pics!  Go Cowboys!  Saints suck!  Just venting a bit in your thread...sorry.



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