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Canadian Bacon

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I wanted to try a dry cure and make some Canadian Bacon (Meijer had a great sale recently) so I followed Bearcarvers Steps (can't go wrong there).

It came out pretty damn good (family says so as well).


I just pulled it out of the smoker at 145°-149° so I will let it sit and slice it up tomorrow. 


I let it sit in the fridge for 10 days using the dry cure method.

Today when I got home from Atlanta I got it ready to smoke.

Here is the taste test. it was a little salty so I soaked it for a couple of hours and it was perfect.


In the smoker with the A-Maze-N Tube filled with Maple pellets


4 1/2 hours later pulled a 145° and 149°



End shot (I had to try it).



I will let this cool and slice it up tomorrow before I leave again this time for Dallas.


Thanks for looking



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Have fun on the road I'll help myself to the tasty looking CB while your gone!biggrin.gif
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Great job!  Looks yummy.  Can't go wrong with Bear's steps. 

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Nice job ! icon14.gif
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Yup, looks great.

I use bears method alot.
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Nice Job, Link!!Thumbs Up


Great Looking CB !!------------:points:






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