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Nice Tasty Meat Tonight

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I did this for dinner Saturday. The Brisket marinated in a dry rub for about 36 hours. I used my Masterbuilt smoker for this puppy. I used a combo of maple and apple for this one. I took it to the 200 mark and then pulled and wrapped and put in my cooler to rest for 2 hours.
The meat was juicy and fall apart tender. It wasn't too sweet but was present. The rub worked its magic giving it a nice flavor added with the smoke. My girlfriend loved it. We made subs with it this first day. It would be good to make tacos with it. Nice smokey flavor. Oh and it only took 15 hours in the smoker.
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Nice brisket!  That bark looks amazing!


Mike  :drool

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Looks tasty to me!drool.gif
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Looks great!
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I like this site. Finding some good information. Meeting some new people who love the smoke. Then I came across something that I never heard of. The Fatty. Oh my god. They have the one thing I love. Beautiful Beacon. Did a search through this place and found many varieties. Now I'm sorry I didn't find this place sooner. All I've done is pork butts, ribs, briskets and beacon. Now I get to try Fatties. Again thanks to all who share. If I ever come across a awesome dish. I to will contribute to the site.
Good smoking to all!
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Great looking smoke you have there.  Brisket turned out very good--really good bark.




Don't just wait til you cook something fantastic--we love to read about all smokes.



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