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Beef Ribs for a Saturday

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Started out this morning with a 4 rib rack of beef short ribs. Kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper is all you need.


From there it was on to the webber 22" for 7 hours of post oak smoke.



Then off to rest for 20 min.



And finally to serve them up for lunch.


I served them up with a side of potato salad and iced tea. 

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Nice looking ribs!  Good job.  



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That makes my mouth water! Nice job!

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Wow, those look great. Beef ribs might have to be the next thing I smoke.
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Great looking ribs! What temps did you cook at?

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Nice Ribs , hoso4cal ! I often see Dinos in the markrt , but too much $cratch for me ! ! !
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I smoked them @ 265 all the way. 

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Where did you get the post oak?

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I have a friend in Texas who sends me chunks 

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They look delicious!  And bonus smoking them over Post Oak!


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Hi - quick newbie question: why did you not smoke the ribs separated?
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You could smoke them separated but I don't smoke my pork ribs separated so 

I didn't see a reason to with the beef short ribs.


I suppose if you wanted more bark you could but it just seems like more fuss to me.

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Those really do look awesome, h2so4ca! I'm picking some up tonight after work (I had to order them...) I was planning to go with Jeff's recipe from a week or two ago, but I really like your simple approach! Too bad I have to wait for the weekend :-(

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very nice looking ribs - love the color

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