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3 Bellies on the Smokin'-It#3

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I started some pork bellies last night. I got them at Costco...$2.85/ Lb skin off. First time doing a dry cure.

I hope they turn out like my last batch:

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Used the cute calculator on this site. Added salt, cure#1, and brown sugar to the first in the huge vac bag I made. Didn't seem like enough to completely cover the belly so I made some extra and out it in the bag.

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I had a hard time plastic welding the vac PAC bags together so I opted for a much cheaper version of Saran wrapping the hell out of an oven sheet.

I placed the last two bellies on that with the same cure recipe but swapped out the brown sugar for white...


Used the proper amount for each, didn't seem like enough to cover, but we'll see. Stay tuned more to come.
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After 12 hours (started at 12:00 AM Saturday 9/19/2015):


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They'll come out this afternoon...
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Pulled all three out this evening, and rinsed:


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Into a cooler to rinse the salt out for a couple hours:


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Dert, morning... think about this.... Weigh each belly... weigh out 2% salt, 1-2% sugar, and 1.1 grams cure #1 per pound of belly.... rub it all in and saran wrap like you did for 10-14 days... rinse, dry, form the pellicle and smoke... If you like more sugar or salt etc., add more next batch until it tastes perfect to you... no soaking.. no guess work on how much salt you are removing... no water added back into the belly... belly always comes out the same every batch... for more intense bacon flavor, after the rinse, let the bellies rest in the refer, on a rack, un wrapped, for 1-2 weeks so it can dry out more.. Now you are getting close to 1950's bacon.....

My last batch I did just that... Bride said it was the absolute best bacon...

spices can be added during the rub step... during the drying step.... for additional flavoring....

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Drying out until Sunday...


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Thanks, Dave...I need more practice until I hit the perfect technique and recipe...should be a fun learning experience though!!
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Drying the bellies tonight:



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Wish there was a Costco around here. No belly for me, BBB only.

Looks great though!!! VERY jealous...... Lol...
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All dried out- fan overnight:


Using "apple" pellets:


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The great thing about the number three from smoking it is you can fit full belly sides on each rack:





In at 10:00 AM 9/27/2015:

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Came back at 4:00 to find the pellets went out...relit and will start again!
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I know this has been said many times by many more knowledgeable than myself but.... I also find drying/heating the pellets prior to use removes any residual moisture collected and then when starting making sure you get a really good hot cherry of fire in the center of the pellets . I even at times have heated up the lighting hole cherry red as well as the left side corner of the hole to add more heat to make sure the pellets are and stay lit and then I place the unit into one of the smokers at that time. Just remember which side to grab LOL . it might sound funny/ignorant until you have done it a few times with out thinking..... some times you just have to put the refreshment down firstBeer.gif there might have been a wind coming in from a not normal direction and caused an air flow issue. when the breeze comes up the river I set a deflector up on my MES 40 because the top vent is on the side facing it. it is not big but enough to stop the wind from blowing straight at it. my other s have rear vents or top vents so typically not been an issue.


Keep on Smokin,



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Thanks, Tom. Usually not an issue for me...

Got her relit, this is after hours:

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