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Question on accuracy of GMG temperature

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Just started a 3-2-1 rib smoke on my new GMG Daniel Boone grill.  I'm trying to get my grill to 225.  I set the grill temp. to 265, but my Maverick temp probe (stuck through a potato) is reading 190. I tested the Maverick probe in boiling water and it was within 1 degree.  Should I trust the Maverick and just keep raising the grill temperature until I get 225 on the Maverick ?  Any ideas on why the GMG would be that far off ?



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I don't own a GMG, but that doesn't sound right if your Mav is truly accurate. What's your controller's readout say the temp is? If it's reading close to your set temp, you may have a problem with your controller or your RTD probe. A 75* disparity between your set temp and your actual temp is pretty big.

If you haven't done so yet, I'd suggest you contact GMG's customer service and see what they have to say. By all accounts their CS is pretty good, so they should be able to help.

Hope you get it lined out...good luck!

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I own a GMG DB and while grate temp can be a little off the display (10-20F), what you're seeing is way off.  Something is not working right.


Best thing is to call GMG Support, they'll get you squared away.

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As above but also do you use the wind deflectors and what set up are they in? Mine works best without any but some people say to put the left deflector on the right and the right deflector on the left and the right side to be an inch away from the heat deflector bit in the middle.

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Could the potato not being up to temp cause the difference?  I use a ball of aluminum foil to hold my probe up off the grate.  I know a lot of guys use potatoes with no issue, but I'm just asking.  Did your temps come closer to in line with each other later in the cook?

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Vibe - I'm settled in with just the right optional wind deflector (on the right) on my DB.  I had pretty sharp left/right differences with both, less with neither, but the right-side only seems to be the best for my setup for low temps.  Either way I've never had the grill thinking it was higher than measured at-grate temps.  


Westby - good point on the potato - if it were big enough and the end of the probe not far enough away it could potentially depress the local temp.  

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