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Reverse Sear?

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I've been reading a little about doing a reverse sear. From what I gather most people have a second grill of some sort to do the sear after they are done smoking the meat, and a lot of people use a skillet. I am planning on doing tri tip steaks and only have my smoker grill. What are your thoughts on pulling my steaks off the grill when I am done smoking them, turning up my smoker to high (over 400*), and putting my steaks back on when the grill reaches the over 400* mark? My grill should take probably 10-15 minutes to make it to that temp I'm estimating.

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That should work just fine. A few minutes a side to caramelize the meat and time to eat!!!

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Another question... I would like to try asparagus with these steaks as well. Is there a point while cooking my steaks that I could throw some asparagus on the grill?

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Add a little evoo and salt/pepper and they're good to go.


Add them as the grill comes up to temperature for the reverse sear.

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What type of cooker are you using?

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I recently bought a Camp Chef Smokepro DLX.

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