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Dr Pepper

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So this marinade is great. Got it from a chef I know
4 lbs of skirt steak ( flat iron, or flank)
16 oz of Dr Pepper, 4 cloves of garlic and two cinnamon sticks. In a zip lock bag over nite
Dry it off in the fridge for two hours
Salt pepper garlic powder
3-4 mins a side at high heat
Little red in side cut diagonal with the grain
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sounds good... BUT ....


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I have done something similar with Coke. Check your instructions. Any of those cut " with " the grain will very tough and stringy. I am thinking you meant " across " the grain. The long muscle fibers will be cut short and be more tender...JJ

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Yes yes across the grain always sorry
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Here is the finished product.[IMG]
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Nice........Thumbs Up  Thanks for the Q-veiw



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