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Newby from SC

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I've been playing around with a Professional Char-Griller with a side pot for several years. Finally wore out the last one and got another. As I write I am smoking a 9 lb USDA Choice Angus Brisket flat with mesquite. I have posted some of my stuff on fb but did not know about your web site. I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from the "seasoned" smokers and grillers here. As of this minute my brisket has been going for 5:25 and I just added a layer of bacon.


I smoke everything in Greer, SC. My butcher is begging for some burnt ends from this one. Hope I don't disappoint him.



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Well it turned out pretty good. Paul at the New York Butcher Shoppe said he thought it was the best he had eaten. Probably an exaggeration but I appreciate the compliment. I'll try to post some pictures when I get the time. 

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Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here. Are you referring to the NYBS on Woodruff Road?
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About 7 hours later. Using 90% mesquite with just a little hickory. I add the bacon in the last hour or so. Cut the brisket into sections and vacuum packed and froze what I didn't eat right away using a FoodSaver. I'm an airline pilot and hate eating junk in airports so I pre-cut some down to large bite sized pieces which were also vacuum packed sealed and frozen. Just had supper in my room and it tasted great and still smells wonderful. If any one cares, I took the bacon off and saved it for breakfast this morning. Re-heated in the mic and the smoke and rub flavor made it the best bacon I have eaten, and I eat a lot of bacon.


Still not perfect to me but improving.

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Looks really good and it sounds like it tasted good too. Keep it up and be safe up there. Joe
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