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Commercial fridge build

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Would like to put in a confection oven fan in side commercial fridge smoker for a more even heat .any help would be great.i am useing propane for heat with a smoke generator . Smoker is 70"x30" . First time building smoker .
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Have you checked out a pellet smoker conversion.
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No . I have all the materials to build the smoke house . Just looking for information on putting in a fan system to even out the heat.
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smallĀ  convection ovenĀ fans don't move enough air to make it worth trying to put it in. I tried on a smaller fridge build and I didn't get nearly enough airflow from them and with propane you likely cause the flame to snuff out.

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As soon as I get SMF to work on my mobile, I'll post a picture of my setup. It's worked excellent for 20+ years. Give it a day or 2 or PM me your cell phone and I'll text you pictures.

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would love to see your convection set up 2grit

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hows the build coming? i am picking the double stainless i got hopefully this weekend.

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