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#6 Eye of Round with pics

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Howdy everyone, its been 2 weeks since I've smoked anything (last was a 14# brisket, smoked for 18 hours and was awesome. Fed 10 people with lots left over). So I went to Sam's club in hopes of finding some beef ribs. That didn't work out as the butchers were all on lunch break, and all they had out were whole rib/loin (i think) roasts, which were $150+... so I picked a Eye of Round. Wish I would have read about it on here first though, and would have picked up another chucky instead. Oh well, here goes..




First step is prep the cutting board! Covered it with plastic wrap (easy clean up!) and done.


Next the rub, Salt, Pepper, Onion, Garlic. I did heavy salt, twice, all the way around to try to help it tender up a bit with all that fancy science stuff. Light on the pepper to please the wife so I can continue smoking things!



Then, Wrap up the plastic, and easy clean up!


Ready for the fridge overnight! 


Since this will be dinner tomorrow night, I'll get up about 4am and take the meat out to warm to room temp, and fire up the MES. 5am I'll put the meat on and hopefully it will be done before 1pm so I can get it rested, and cooled down in order to slice. I plan on pulling at 135 IT. More pics to follow, any help/ideas/input is more then welcome, as I have found out this can be a tough cut to smoke. 


Smoke on!

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Eye round is great smoked. Looking forward to this one!
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Dang it man!! I think I can smell it from here, - last one I did was covered in Montreal steak seasoning and boy was it good. 


Yours looks mighty tasty!!!:drool


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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That roast isn't going to take long to smoke.  I'm thinking 3 to 4 hours tops based on the thickness (as best as I can judge it).  Smoke it at a very low temp, like 200 degrees to help make it more tender.  Pull it at about 127ish and finish off with a reverse sear to get a nice crust.

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For your tip about wrapping you cutting board then folding that wrap around the meat. Brilliant!
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