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First smoke

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Hi all
I will be testing out my new build offset smoker soon
Just wanting some tips
what meat for a 1st timer ?
What timber & other suggestions
Cheers Deryk
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Pulled pork is my recommendation for a first smoke.  They are pretty cheap, and pretty hard to mess up.  They can take a fair amount of temp swings and still be good Q.

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Welcome from SC, Deryk. You have come to the right place with lots of folks who are always ready to share their ideas and tips. All you have to do is ask. As far as a first cook is concerned, I like to suggest chicken. It's cheap, easy to cook and doesn't take very long. Remember you can always eat your mistakes.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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Cheers mate
You can always wash it down with beers
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Welcome...I agree with both these guy. Chicken is a quick cook, couple of hours. If you have time, 1.5 to 2 hours per pound, a Pork Butt, you may find it as a Bone-in Forequarter Roast, takes a long time but gives great results. See Chart Below...JJ

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Excellent thanks guys
Will definitely look at the link
What s the best smoking timber in your opinion
Do you different types I.e chook and red meat
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I like the milder flavor of Fruit woods for everything.  Apple, Cherry, Peach all good. Really most Hard Woods will work, nothing in the Pine or Fir family is recommended. Below is a list of local woods and the last link, looks like a source for some items you may need...JJ



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Wow so helpful cheers
My build should be finished in next 2weeks
Just welding after work
Can't wait to get started
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Good luck with that, looks cool. Newbie here, too, and I've been smoking chickens while learning to control my smoker. Cheap and they come out good, even when I screw up!

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I like to basically use apple for fowl, cherry for pork and hickory for beef. But, it really doesn't matter. Use whatever flavor you like. The flavors that I noted are chunks. I use oak for cooking heat.
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