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Jacks Old South Class

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Anyone ever been to Myron Mixon class? Worth it?
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Is he as much of an ass in his class as he is on TV?


I think I would rather go to the Texas Foodway Barbecue and Brisket classes than Myron Mixon's class. 

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I have been and I really enjoyed it. No he is the nicest aouthern boy you will meat. He told us he gets asked to be like that but it is no where near how he is in real life. He was kind enough to spend some time with me talking about competitins and how I could improve my equipment and setup to make it easier on me. I did a competition a few weeks after and used all of his recipes. Took 3rd ribs and 8th pork. If you have the money I would recommend going. However do not stay at the historic inn hotel. Go to a hampton or something similar
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Thanks for sharing, GP. Good to hear he's not always as arragent as he seems on TV.
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If you have twitter you can take a look at his feed. Goes out of way to help struggling families and military
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I went in Feb. 2014. It was awesome! I learned a ton! Really helped my smokes. Look for my thread on the details. Very nice guy I would say. 

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