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Seasoning a new electric smoker

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A brand new little chief smoker showed up today. I've never had a new one. They have always been used. I've read that some smoker manufacturers instruct you to wash the insides with mild detergent and water, spray the entire inside with some sort of spray oil (PAM, vegetable oil, etc) and then run wood chips through it for an hour or two. Does the same apply to a little chief? Thanks.

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Cool. Wrong forum I suppose.:-)
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Funny you should say that....I've had a few Little Chief smokers over the years. They seen to show up at yard sales for a few bucks. I like them for smoking fish. If you leave one behind in camp, it doesn't hurt too bad. But I have never owned a new one !
I think if you rinsed out the inside to remove any metal bits or chemicals left from manufacturing, you could just run some smoke through it and be done. The oil won't do much for you.
What are you planning to smoke ?
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I should have posted in the fish subforum. That's what I meant. I'm sure I sounded like a jerk. Anyhow I went ahead and washed what I could, dried it out, little bit of oil, lots of smoke. I have a big chief that I bought used years ago that is now a fish only smoker. I have pork bellies and loins curing in the fridge right now. I figure this new little chief will be for anything not fish :-)
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Sounds like a plan. Good luck with the bellies....let us know how they turn out.
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Did you get the top load or front load ? Mine were all old school top loaders. The major drawback to them was I could never seem to get much more than about 150℉ out of then, and that was on a good warm day. Fish, jerky, and snack sticks worked great, but a large cut of meat, not do-able.
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I got a front loader. I've only smoked fish, cheese, jerky, Canadian bacon, and regular bacon in them. Using an insulated blanket I can get the temp up close to 185F. But I only do that for CB. For bigger cuts I finish in the oven. I will be posting pics once I finish everything. I need to go fishing too. Fall is trout time for me! :-)
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