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Some observations on pellet smoke

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  Hi all,

  I recently purchased some Woodmaster cherry pellets to use in my A-maz-n tube smoker. They did not want to stay lit. So I tried putting pellets in some shallow pans, set in the sun on warm, dry, & breezy days. Pellets were about 3/4 inch deep & stirred about once every hour, then took inside each night. After 3 days of this, Mixed with Cabela's pecan pellets at 1/2 of each. These stayed lit just fine, but still need to try all cherry to complete test.

  Several other things I did was using stainless hose clamps, installed 4 short legs that keeps tube up about 1/2 inch up from surface. Put seam in tube on top side to help air flow. Also noticed some ash on inside bottom of tube that I used a discarded toothbrush to loosen & remove. Have now had 4 good burns with this setup.

  Should mention that our elevation is about 600 ft  & am using a Bradley Digital electric for a smoker.

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I microwave mine.  Cherry especially for some reason.

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I have not tried cherry put I have heard of others having problems keeping 100% cherry lit. 


The ash build up had me messed up a few weeks back. I hit it with a wire brush and was back in business. 

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