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My first baby backs

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Started smoking only a year ago. So i figured i would try the coveted nbaby backs. I make my own rub with 3 sugars and a hand full of spices. Made the glaze with this rub and some bbq sauce i made from scratch about 3 weeks ago. Juicy and tender. What do yall think. First image is last years spare ribs. 1st ones ever. The second is this years babybacks. Last years was good.
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BSS, They look good!

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Ribs looking good. BTW - using 3 sugars aren't you a little concerned about burning? That is a lot more sugar than I am used to seeing/using.

All in all a great job - keep it up................

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Honestly i had been searching for a great rub idea. And my goo friend whom got me into smoking. Showed me a 7 min. Clip on a st. Lious company hat makes theres this way. I dont know exact measurements they used but, i have kinda concocted my own. So yes maybe too much sugar but they turned out better than i could have imagined. I now use 1/3c. Of each turbinado,dark brown, and regular common sugars. I usually use chilli powder, cummin,and a few other seasonings. But im gonna try some other stuff down the road
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