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 What I do I my brick oven is to let the bread proof on cookie sheets....then, just put the sheet in the oven... Then cuz I am lazy, I don't have to be that careful of the ash on the floor.... Spread the coals  out over the floor and close the door to "soak" the heat in the oven...The bread will get  hard bottom if the floor is hot enough....400-500 .Get a laser therm. to check the floor temp... also as mentioned, get a spray bottle of water  and spray in the oven after the bread is in.  I generally use KA bread flour and do a 24 hr. slow rise. I have had trouble with metal peels and raw dough.... I'll use the wooden ones with flour ,and corn meal. Do you have a door?  you need a have really nice oven...nice detail...

Thanks for the input.   


LOL, I'm on my second door.   I forgot to take the coals out one night after pizza.  I was planning on bread the next morning....  I woke up to no door, but the oven was still 400F plus.  


I do have a laser therm.   It was quite the investment, but I convinced my wife that it was needed.  :-)


We now use KA flour for everything.   A noticeable difference in the pizza dough.  


For some reason,  I have always thought that dough needed to rise in a warm environment.     Next time, I'll just let it rise at room temp or frig.   


I'm excited about learning to use our oven.   I built it heavy for bread.    Its funny, I'm not having problems with the oven, its the dough I can't get right.   


The plus side is, bread is a very cheap to experiment with.    


I was planning on pizza and bread this week-end, but the weather is a washout.    Maybe next week-end.