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Pork Shoulder smoke

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I put this shoulder in the smoker at 225 degrees at 230am after having in the refrigerator with rub for 4 hours. The rub is an over the counter Kansas city spice rub that I got from Westlake. I also shot it up with butter and Tony's Cajun season. smoked it with continuous smoke til 0800am. 0800 took it out with an internal temp of 160. Doubled foiled it with apple juice and boubon. Raised the temp to 275 to reach 200 degrees at 0815. Pulled off smoker at 100pm. This was my first shoulder and it is season just right and tender. Wife was surprised how well it turned out.

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Congrats on your first successful shoulder smoke!  Always a great feeling, especially when your family goes "Hey, this is GOOD!" 

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Looks great!
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Glad to hear it turned out great.  Bonus that your wife loved it.  Congrats.



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Thanks guys! I appreciate all the advice. this is a great forum!,
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