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pork spare ribs take 2

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Alright gents Here we go again for round 2 of the pork spare ribs. They're all trimmed up ready to go. Got the jeffs Texas style rub on, smokers pre heating, and got a cold one. Hopefully these come out better than last week. Lol
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Just relax and have fun. Watch the smoker temps. If 225-250, they will go 5-6 hours easy. If over 250, 4-5 hours. If they are Thick, they will take the longer time. Try multiple tests for doneness. 1) Hold from one end, about 4 ribs in with a set of tongs. Pick up the rack. They should easily bend 90° near the end of the tongs...AND...The surface of the meat will split and fray. 2) Take your meat probe or bamboo skewer and probe the meat in several places. If the probe slides in with Zero resistance, you are done. Rest 10-15 minutes on the counter, cut them up and serve. Good Luck...


Remember...If you're Lookin' or spritzing for that matter, you ain't Cookin'!...Every time you open the lid, add 10-20 minutes to your cook time!...JJ

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Thanks jj! I find today I'm having trouble with the temperature. I don't have the maverick yet but I have a good enough idea how high the heat is. But for some reason today it's been a lot hotter and cooling down is a pain. Lol. This is how it looks so far!
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Run away heat will make you crazy. Just means you will be opening and testing more frequently. If it is possible that the heat is around 325, they will only need 2-3 hours. Stick with the bend and probe test. If nice and tender but a little dry...Well that's what BBQ Sauce is for...JJ

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Well its been between 275-300 mostly, and its been above 325 for a brief period. And over 400 for about 20 min. And ever since that I've been monitoring every 10 min or so paranoid it's too high or low. Lol. At this point it's been on for 3 hours. Idk if you saw my post last week but they were on for 4 hours and undercooked. I'm trying to avoid that mistake. Lol. But last time I was running them like 250ish maybe a little under. Today is way hotter obviously. Idk what do you think? I don't want to open it and deal with the heat, but don't want them super overcooked! They look a lot better than last week though that's for sure!
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about 45 minutes ago
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here goes nothing
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Looks good................Thumbs Up     Nice job



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How did the Bend and Probe test go? They don't look over cooked at all...JJ

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Them ribs look good to me!  :drool



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Bend test was good overall. It kind of cracked on the skin. I ran out of coals towards the end and started losing heat. Fortunately they were done enough. Probably could've gone for another 45 min or so to be super perfect, but totally better than last week! Lol. Meat was juicy n tender when you bite it, but was kind of hard to rip off the bone and split the bones without cutting. But thanks guys!
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