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Smokin 3 racks of St Louis style ribs tomorrow.

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Made up Jeff's "Naked Rib Rub" last night, and did a lot of reading to prepare.
This morning a friend gave me some Apple wood, so cut it into chunks. Not sure if they should be soaked. Tested my new Maverick ET-733 Wireless Meat Thermometer and found my gauges on the cooking chamber are running 30 degrees higher than the Maverick. Smoked a hot dog for my daughter. Coals will still be ready for the Royal Oak lump I found on clearance at Tractor Suply (17.6 lbs @ $3.00). Ribs go on at 9:00 am thinking they might be ready around 3:00. grilling_smilie.gif
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Soaking wood is a waste. It won't make smoke until it dries anyway. Nice smoker! Need a Whole Hog to feed that belly...JJ

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JJ, Okay,....the wood is two years old. Just didn't know if it should be soaked or not. The first smoke was with a 90 lb pig. Thanks for the tip and compliment.
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That is beautiful...JJ

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Good looking Hog. Do you cook them with the Belly up so the fat basted the rest of the Hog?
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Stuffed and on its back for 6 hours.

It was done at 6:00 am and people weren't showing up until noon, so I kept it worm. About 50 people showed up through out the day. It was my "Double Nickles B-Day Party".
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Good luck on the ribs,great price on charcoal! That pig looks amazing!
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Sweet looking hog. Nice looking rig also. Sure could fit plenty of ribs on that sucker!. And thanks for the OTBS message. Enjoy them bones.
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Thanks b-one. Thanks wimpy69.
Rented it out back in June and Chef Diego smoked 140 lbs of brisket.
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