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First smoked meatloaf

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. Did my first smoked meatloaf today and loved it!
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That's a gooood looking meatloaf.  Great color and really great smoke ring.  What kind of wood, what temp, how long?



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I assume you did it straight in the pan?

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Used cherry wood and cooked about 6hrs with smoker running about 225/250 with a internal temp of 160 deg.used a fork and poked holes in foil pan and cooked right in pan really simple
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Looks tasty! Smoked meatloaf is great. I don't use a pan when I do mine. Straight on the grate.
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Great looking meat loaf. Good color and finish. The pan with holes is good, you might also try using a Bradley rack. Then the smoke gets all the way around. Smoked meat loaf is one of my family's very favorites. Thanks for the pics.
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I love smoked meat loaf, and was just thinking yesterday that I needed to do one again. Yours looks SO good! Thanks for sharing and helping me decide what's for dinner tomorrow night :-)
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Man, that looks good. Gotta try this soon. Thumbs Up

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