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Building ones own smoke house

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Hello, my name is Charles; I am a third generation Texan and currently reside in Mesquite, TX. I have been around grilled and smoked meats most of my life, from Sunday’s BBq’d chicken with Grandpa to brisket and ribs with Dad. Once I got out on my own, MANY years ago, my wife (of 25 years now) presented me with a small Brinkman smoker for an anniversary gift. About 12 years ago I moved up to a larger and heavier horizontal Brinkman w/ and offset firebox. I love this thing!! About 5 years ago I started processing my own venison, wild hog and game fowl that I harvested (I got tired of paying the butch to do so, and good butchers are hard to find these days).I really got in to making my own sausage and curing hams. I have also made several batches sausage and hams for friends and family that have provided me with the meat to do so. My problem is I have quickly out grown my capacity on my current smoker.

I am considering building my own smoke house that way I can accommodate a larger quantity of meat and provide a good even smoke. I have followed blogs on Smoking Meat Forum and others for advice, even the Universities of Tennessee and Kentucky, in construction, materials, operating temperatures and the like.  I plan on starting construction this fall when it’s a little cooler. My rough estimate on size is 36” deep x 36” wide x 72” high, cement block footing on a cement slab. Construction material will be cedar plank and a cedar shake roof. My biggest decision is to use direct fire (propane burner) or indirect fire (fire box w/ ducting). This is my question to all of you; For Texas climate, which would be the best? Or is this a personal decision. I see the pros and con to both side of this question. I would really like to hear all of you (ya’ll) on this.


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Hello from another third gen Texan raised next door in Garland.  This is probably a personal decision but there's an old wive's tale that goes something like this: there are two catagories of smoke houses 1) one that burnt down and 2) one that will burn down.  Having said that I recommend indirect fire with metal ducting to keep you out of category 2.

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Bama BBQ - Thank for the advise. I had been think the indirect would be best. Interesting, I was just in Huntsville on business, small world.

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Hmm, there is a great thread here and if I wasn't on my phone, and could find it,easily I'd post it. It's what you need but bigger! The search feature here works fantastic. Type in cedar smoke house, it should pop up.
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