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Review of Longhorn BBQ Pits

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Anyone have experience with a smoker from Longhorn bbq pits out of Uvalde, Tx ??

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I have been eyeballing this model, I was curious if anyone on here had any experience with them as well???????
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If you can get a great deal on them, let me know and I will buy one.  This dude has good stuff and pretty much the same as his competitor, Lyfe tyme wanted one shipped but the shipping is obviously a killer.

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They seem to be a little bit more reasonable (well for the going rate on 1/4 pits), and at least advertise military and law enforcement discounts. I'm in San Antonio so not to far away. I shot them an email, so hopefully I'll hear back soon
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come to find out they have authorized dealers in Castroville, which is pretty close to me. Might have to give them the ol' eyeball test this weekend. 

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let me know what you see.  I am only educated from the internet.  Maybe I will spring for the shipping.

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Love my Longhorn ,,,, Hope we are talking the same one ????? I used heat duct to lower the Chimney to grate level , put a seal on the cook chamber and put a 12" heat shield over  the smoke box , my mods cost about $30.Also built a charcoal basket . easy to maintain temps and to cold smoke !

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Nope but I kinda wish it was .

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