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Help..power went out

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Just posted this in the Food Safety Forum but thought i would post here too.

In the middle of doing a 5 pound batch of beef sticks on my MES 30. Power went out about an hour ago. At thzt time the IT was 113. Now down to 99 degrees. The power is supposed to be back on in about 45 minutes. Question is are the sticks dead or can I restart the smoker and continue until done?

IT is now at 95 degrees. Thanks.
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If you used cure in your sticks you should be fine to continue on.
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I did use cure and the power went back on. IT got to about 92 on the sticks. As soon as I got the power back to the smoker, it raised pretty quickly to where it should be. So far all is well. Thanks for your response.  I'll be the Guiney pig when they are done...tough duty....



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The cure covered you on the safety issue. You could have let them smoke at abient temp for a couple of days and been fine...JJ

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