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Smoking cheese

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Hi there from sunny Kootenays British Columbia   wanting to known if a person was to have a very soft cheese like Velveeta could you use a smoke generator to smoke the cheese with out melting it into a big BLOB just using the smoker for a collection chamber at a very low temp Thks for any thoughts

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Yes as long as you can keep the smoker cold. I have done cream cheese and try and keep the smoker under 50 degrees Fahrenheit
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Oh yeah while youre at it smoke some butter too.
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Smoked butter is easy - You may find this helpful http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/156589/smoked-butter-q-view

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So I want to thank both of you so Eade if you keep the temp at about 50  deg. will it say together  or will we end up with a butter puddle

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50 is fine. We keep our butter on the counter year round and it only starts getting really soft around 70.
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sorry about the  E instead  of the W fat fingers

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What is a wood to use a hickory or pecan  apple or what do you suggest

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I prefer mild fruity or nutty wood like apple, peach, cherry, pecan. Alder is also a good mild wood option.

I usually only smoke cheese for 4 hours and butter for two. Both need to rest 2-4 weeks before using.
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Interesting post. I had no idea that the cheese had to rest for such a time. Does this help with the strong smoke taste? I've tried a few times and didn't enjoy it. My cheese always sweats and tastes like ash. Should I wait for the outside to dry like meat smoking?
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Definitely. The rest time allows smoke flavour to mellow out and "mature". Make sure the surface is dry before you wrap it. Don't wipe (you wipe smoke along with water). Let it air dry.
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Thanked for the info. Will try and smoke some up on the weekend. Would vacuum sealing speed things up?
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Not really, but it keeps better. I suggest you do a big batch. You wont regret it when you open some of those packages for Christmas dinner. Also...makes great Christmas present.
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You just talked me into it. Got a little cheese making place just down the road from me. I'll get the freshest stuff I can so it'll keep longer. Thanks again
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Is it hard cheese? If it's soft cheese can't say how long will keep.
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It'll be an old cheddar. Probably 10 pound batch
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Hard cheese keeps a really long time if dealt with properly. Soft cheeses need to be used pretty quick. I have several chunks of cheddar, pepper jack, that I smoked two years s ago. They just keep getting better with age.

Search for @Mr T's threads he's the authority in aged cheeses around here.
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Thks for the info greatly appreciated

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Yes thanks very much. Sorry about still the questions on your post sausage face. Got excited about someone on here with cheese experience...lol
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So since you are all wanting to cold smoke some stuff let think outside the box, because we all know that a full smoker is a happy smoker!

Other things to cold smoke, but not limited too these items are:

Hard boiled eggs
Ice cream (really cold smoke)

There's more, like I said think outside the box!
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