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What a screw up..........greasy slimy gofer guts..

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Well, not really gofer guts........

A few months ago a butcher buddy of mine and I were talking about some good pork fat for rendering to get some nice clean grease out of for baking. He told me that he had a customer that raised some very fatty pigs and he would save some of the fat from them. So last week I asked him for some "back fat" for venison snack sticks......I had forgot about the other fat we had talked about. He hands me a bag of very white, clean, frozen fat and away I went. I took out what I needed and ground it while it was still frozen......looked great.

First clue something was I mixed everything together the fat started to get really soft. Before you say it.........yes it was cold......very cold. I have made stix's many times and never had fat get soft so fast.

So to fast forward a everything stuffed and into the refer for an overnight rest. Second I'm stuffing these 21mm casings I notice that the fat seams to be very soft........almost slimy. Yes.......everything was kept very cold. You guys have taught me that and so many other things.

OK......into the smoker next morning. 110* for about an hour, then up about 10* each hour to the 170* setting. Oak and apple chunks in the Cookshack 50.

At 140* IT the stix's started to fat out. My thermapen verified the temp. This wasn't a little was a lot of fat. I don't know if the dogs will eat them (from the looks of them). Actually they labs......anything not made of granite is a fine snack.

The areas that I could clean up taste fine but that is a very small area. So, now my there a way to save these? Or do I cut them in short pieces and freeze for doggy treats?

Oh from the butcher......."I have your back fat here. How was that soft fat to render out?" Boy, wait till I see him this week.....



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Probably nothing you can do. That type of fat melts at lower temps. I suppose you could poke a bunch of holes in the casings and hope it all drains out.
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