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Cold smoking Pork Breakfest sausage.

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I stuffed 25 lbs of pork breakfast sausage this morning. We put them in 1 lb regular sausage casings. I will leave them in the refrigerator till morning and then I want to put them in the smoke house. They have curing salt so I don't need to cook them, and it will always be cooked before we eat it anyway.  I plan to cold smoke for about 24 hours (at around 80 to 100 degrees) I would like to heat them up a little then to firm the sticks up (so I can peel of the casing and just cut slices to fry) . Any suggestions on time and temp I don't want to dry them out or cook them.

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Some of the fat on pigs melts at different temps... you might want to adjust your smoker temps so the fat doesn't melt...

Melting point

back fat: 30–40 °C (86–104 °F)

leaf fat: 43–48 °C (109–118 °F)

mixed fat: 36–45 °C (97–113 °F)
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Thanks for the info. I have had it in the smoke house now for about 7 hours. The gauge on the smoke house door say's around 100 degrees. So I would say the internal temp must be at around 70 or so. The casings are starting to dry and that means they are taking smoke. I don't know if I am going to heat them or not. I will smoke thru the night and decide in the morning.   

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