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Tough Pork

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I bought 2 pork butts at Sam's Club.  Every other time I have bought there, they have turned out great.  This time the roasts were a lot more dry and tough than normal, and had to be cut - they would not pull apart.  I cooked them for multiple hours at 225 degrees.  At 160, I pulled them out and foiled them, and took them out at 197 to let them rest for 25 or so minutes.  What did I do wrong?  Or is it possible that some pork butts just have not near as much fat and don't turn out good?

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At 197, I would have let them rest in a cooler for a couple of hours.
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Always remember the probe test before you pull the meat off the smoker.  I've had tough cuts of meat (butts/briskets/chuckies) surprise me at how high an IT I had to take them before they became tender.   

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GJ, Try an IT of 205 with a rest .

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Hey GJ.  yeahthat.gif   I always take my butts to an IT of 205 (or there-a-bouts).  Then a rest.




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I agree with Sticky several hours wrapped in towels in a cooler go long ways toward tender and moist!

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you didn't cook them long enough.  As Noboundaries said, use the probe test.

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As above, temperature tells you when to start testing for probe tender. Animals can and will vary.
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no matter what the thermo says .Grab the bone and wiggle it. if it pulls out of the butt easily it's done.

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Thank you all very much

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